When it comes to water, we’re in our element

Water is the source of all life. Not only is the surface of our little blue planet mostly water, but so are human beings. The Earth’s water cycle is a closed system. That means that not a single drop is lost, and no new water is added, either. So we must conserve the resources we have and use them responsibly. At KORN, we are acutely aware of this, and act accordingly.

Water is the only chemical that is found in nature in all three states of matter: liquid water, solid ice, and gaseous steam. Our business activities also revolve around the efficient and natural circulation of water. That makes sustainability more than just a buzzword for us. It’s at the core of who we are — both as a business and a part of our society. These values set a very challenging standard for us as a chemical manufacturer.

Environmentally friendly products

DEMKOR is the only 100% ecological steam boiler additive on the market. This tannin-based and non-toxic product is made from renewable raw materials and has been setting benchmarks for efficacy and environmental compatibility for 40 years.

But our other products, such as FERROKORN and VITROGLANZ, are also composed of organic materials and have been formulated and optimized for high potency and biodegradability.

Efficiency and cost advantages

As part of our comprehensive approach, we develop extremely potent concentrates that contain up to three times more active agent than ready-mixed products.

That translates to logistics and cost advantages for you, since KORN water additives increase the productivity and service life of industrial equipment, reducing expensive downtime and protecting the environment.

In addition to environmental and cost concerns, our sustainability strategy also takes social aspects into account. This is reflected in our dealings with customers, employees, and partners as well as our commitment to supporting our community and society.

KORN supports Viva con Agua’s drinking water fund-raising campaign “Trinkwasser”