A tradition of sustainability

KORN GmbH is an owner-managed, midsize family-run business located in Hamburg. Founder Erwin Korn laid the foundation for the company when he started his chemical business in 1932, focusing at a very early stage on organic and very ecological raw materials. We’ve kept the tradition alive to this day.

For over forty years, we have developed, produced and distributed chemical products for 
the food and beverage industry, the service sector, industrial enterprises, and energy suppliers. Our philosophy is: as natural as possible with only as many chemicals as necessary.

Efficient water treatment

Today, KORN develops, produces, and markets high-performance conditioning products for efficient and ecological water treatment — our highly concentrated and extremely efficient additives for the treatment of boiler water, cooling water, process water, and service water are economical, ecological, and effective.

We deliver quality — made in Hamburg, Germany.

Total water management

With knowledge, experience, and a comprehensive approach, we enable our customers to save considerably on their annual energy, water, and chemical costs.

Custom-tailored solutions and products from KORN enhance the productivity and longevity of industrial water systems while reducing costly failures and downtime.

Our mission

Maximum efficiency and unparalleled quality that not only benefit our customers, but also conserves the natural resource water — that’s our goal. We deliver world-class products with unmatched environmental compatibility based on extremely effective renewable and organic raw materials to provide outstanding value.

Quality — made in Hamburg, Germany. Hanseatic. Reliable. Fair.

Our core values

At KORN, our word or a handshake are just as important as any written contract. Upholding values we’ve held for decades is what we’re about — not maximizing shareholder value.

The history of KORN

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