Environmentally friendly bottle cleaning with VITROSTAB

VITROSTAB is a liquid hardness stabilizer to prevent scale formation in bottle cleaning and autoclave systems. VITROSTAB is an organically-based product that gives you a clean option for protecting the environment while reducing your use of water, energy, and additives.

Your advantages with VITROSTAB

  • Surfactant formula optimized for biodegradability

  • High soil suspension of the caustic solution

  • High degree of dispersion for hardness stabilization

  • Energy savings — the same cleaning power at 
lower caustic solution temperatures

  • Caustic solution can be reused multiple times

  • No additional defoamers necessary

  • Contains no environmentally persistent complexing agents or problematic 
substances such as EDTA or NTA

  • Rapid delivery thanks to in-house production and 
storage capacity in Germany

VITROSTAB FR 5 product information

VITROSTAB FR 5 is a liquid hardness stabilizer for preventing scale formation in bottle washing machines and autoclaves.

VITROSTAB FR 5 is a new advanced formula based on our proven scale inhibitor additive, VITROSTAB FR PLUS. The optimized ratios of the individual active agents are a result of decades of experience. The formula is based on organic substances and is very ecological.

The product is stable in the presence of chlorine and can be used in the warm water wash in combination with disinfectants that contain chlorine, but should not be directly mixed with such products in the dispensing container.

The product prevents precipitates from forming from substances entering the machine by way of the fresh water supply or residues that are often carried over from the caustic solution into the hot water zone. It retains its effectiveness even at high temperatures and pH values.

Container sizes

25 kg
PE container

220 kg
PE drum

1.000 kg
container (IBC)

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