Hygienic bottle cleaning with VITROGLANZ

VITROGLANZ is a proven liquid caustic additive for PET and glass reusable bottle washing as well as cleaning plastic beverage crates — ideal for breweries, dairies, and other beverage makers.

VITROGLANZ offers improved cleansing power and draining properties while enabling considerable savings on water and energy costs.

Your advantages with VITROGLANZ

  • Surfactant formula optimized for biodegradability

  • High soil suspension ability of the caustic solution

  • High degree of dispersion for hardness stabilization

  • Energy savings — the same cleaning power at 
lower caustic solution temperatures

  • Caustic solution can be reused multiple times

  • No additional defoamers necessary

  • Contains no environmentally persistent complexing agents or problematic 
substances such as EDTA or NTA

  • Rapid delivery thanks to in-house production and 
storage capacity in Germany

VITROGLANZ 921 R product information

VITROGLANZ 921 R is a concentrated liquid caustic additive for bottle washing with special limescale inhibitors and cleaning agents.

The product considerably increases the soil load that the caustic solution can handle while enhancing its draining properties. In addition, foam-free operation is made possible regardless of temperature. Bottles are left sparkling clean without any residue.

The products of our VITROGLANZ line are used in the caustic zone of glass and PET bottle washers according to the operating conditions or problem to be solved.

Before switching to a VITROGLANZ product, we recommend cleaning the bottle washer to remove scale deposits and residues from products used previously.

In contrast to conventional dispensing guidelines, the VITROGLANZ product is added independently of the alkalinity of the caustic. The additive is continually and exclusively dispensed into the caustic solution during operation of the bottle cleaning machine. This allows for optimized operation while keeping product use to a minimum.

VITROGLANZ leads to a significant improvement in drainage and thus a reduction of alkaline residues on bottles. It also reduces the amount of residue that is carried on to downstream rinsing zones by significantly reducing droplet formation on washed glass and PET bottles.

Products from the VITROSTAB line are suitable for preventing the lime precipitation that typically occurs in industrial washing machines. These special formulations reliably prevent scale formation, ensuring trouble-free operation.

Container sizes

25 kg
PE container

220 kg
PE drum

1,000 kg
container (IBC)

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