Aseptic cooling water treatment with ELBOLIT

ELBOLIT is a highly effective broadband industrial biocide with cleansing properties that prevents microbial contamination of chillers used in water cooling systems.

ELBOLIT is a biocide with fungicidal and bactericidal properties. It is used to control bacteria for special cooling water applications, for instance in the paper industry.

Your advantages with ELBOLIT

  • Maximum effectiveness achieved at low product concentrations

  • Exceptional cleansing properties

  • Faster elimination of the biological material

  • Restoration and retention of full cooling tower performance

  • Safeguarding hygiene in chillers in accordance with 
VDI 2047 guidelines

ELBOLIT WT 12 product information

ELBOLIT WT 12 is an anti-foam biocide with fungicidal and bactericidal action.

It is very effective against gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, iron bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, and many others. ELBOLIT WT 12 is used to control bacteria in cooling water employed by the paper industry. The mechanism of action enables low-concentration applications that achieve outstanding effectiveness.

The exceptional cleansing properties contribute to the rapid elimination of biological material and thus to rapid restoration of the cooling tower’s full performance.

To avoid any risks when using EBOLIT WT 12, the instructions in the safety datasheets and the guidelines provided with our application technologies must be adhered to at all times.

Container sizes

25 kg
PE container

220 kg
PE drum

1,000 kg
container (IBC)

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