Natural boiler water treatment with DEMKOR

Nearly every industry requires hot water and steam for production processes. DEMKOR prevents deposits, limescale, and corrosion in steam boilers, minimizing failures and downtime.

DEMKOR is the only product on the boiler water treatment market that is 100% ecological, non-toxic, and manufactured from renewable raw materials. DEMKOR lowers the cost of operating fire-tube boilers, water tube boilers, and heat recovery steam generators considerably.

Your advantages with DEMKOR

  • Tannin-based product

  • 100% ecological, non-toxic

  • Manufactured from renewable raw materials

  • Does not increase salts, thus potential savings on water, energy, and chemicals

  • Iron tannate layer provides powerful corrosion inhibition

  • Excellent oxygen scavenging performance

  • Strong hardness stabilizing effect

  • Suitable for food industry use

  • Rapid delivery thanks to in-house production and
 storage capacity in Germany

DEMKOR 41 product information

DEMKOR 41 is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor, hardness stabilizer, and oxygen scavenger for all steam systems with operating pressures up to 68 bar. DEMKOR 41 has proven itself over decades of use at renowned companies and is also described in professional publications as an efficient and sustainable solution.

The DEMKOR 41 and DEMKOR 81 product lines are used according to the respective operating issues and conditions for oxygen scavenging, corrosion inhibition, and hardness stabilization in steam boilers, warm and hot water systems, and district heating systems. By using these products, great savings can be achieved through reduced consumption of water, energy, and chemicals.

These products are formulated around a specially selected and ecological tannin-lignin compound that is not steam-volatile and does not increase salt content. The interior of the boiler and the pipe system are coated with an iron tannate film that serves as an extremely effective protective layer against corrosion without influencing heat transfer. At the same time, the stabilization of the remaining hardness prevents formation of dreaded limescale.

The DEMKOR line of products is physiologically and toxicologically non-hazardous. It’s listed as an alternative to hydrazine in Technical Rule for Hazardous Materials No. 608 (TRGS).
Wastewater can be disposed of into the sewage system if the required pH thresholds are not exceeded. DEMKOR 41 is currently rated as Water Hazard Class I (low hazard).

DEMKOR products are VdTÜV-approved (VdTÜV Zulassung KG 05/41).

Container sizes

25 kg PE container

220 kg
PE drum

1,000 kg container (IBC)

Guaranteed savings potential with DEMKOR

Using DEMKOR in a steam boiler system opens the door to considerable savings.
Migrating a boiler from conventional phosphate/sulfite to sustainable and low-salt DEMKOR allows for greater thickening, and the boiler requires less blowdown. This leads to a considerable reduction in blowdown, and consequently energy consumption. Advantages you can count on:

Savings with DEMKOR


5 to 10 % savings on water and energy over conventional phosphate- and sulfite-based boiler water conditioning products


Up to 20% lower feed water use


50 to 80% less blowdown


Up to 5% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during production process

DEMKOR guarantee

  • Ecological and sustainable boiler conditioning with 
easily biodegradable ingredients

  • Prevention of deposits with stabilization of residual hardness that cleans the boiler as it operates

  • DEMKOR tannins guarantee additional corrosion protection by forming an iron tannate film that does not influence heat transfer

  • DEMKOR offers enhanced corrosion protection through quick absorption of residual oxygen

DEMKOR case studies

When you choose DEMKOR as a boiler water conditioning treatment, you benefit doubly by using a product that is both economical and ecological. The latest results from research and development and real-world use clearly confirm it.

Potential savings

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