Potential savings case study

Real-world results make a strong case for DEMKOR

KORN successfully migrated a renowned manufacturer in the food and beverage industry from boilers running conventional phosphates/sulfites to the sustainable DEMKOR line and documented the results. By switching the boiler water conditioning product, the manufacturer was able to leverage cost savings in a number of areas.

Significant and sustainable cost reductions for water and energy combined with minimal blowdown losses and higher thickness are undeniable arguments in favor of DEMKOR, the only ecological boiler water conditioning treatment that is manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials.


Benefits for customers include:

  • The boiler can be run on average with far greater thickening (58.3 vs. 8.8)

  • Much less blowdown loss thanks to a nearly salt-free product

  • Greater savings from reduced water and energy consumption

  • 100% ecological product made from renewable raw materials

The results in detail


Pressure 10,0 bar
Steam output 3,0 t/h
Condensate recovery 90,0 %
Fuel Natural gas, dry
Consumption 2 million cubic meters per annum

Cost comparison DEMKOR vs. phosphate/sulfite

Cost savings on product -5.876,00 €/year
Cost savings on water 6.821,00 €/year
Cost savings on energy 13.858,00 €/year
Total cost savings 14.803,00 €/year

Despite higher product cost, switching the boiler from phosphate/sulfite to DEMKOR pays off, since the total savings are very high and therefore sustainable.

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