KORN products — real innovations for real-world results

Efficient water treatments from KORN have proven their value in the field. 
On a steam ship, in combined heat and power plants, and for district heating distribution networks.

Our references document the wide range of potential applications and offer a behind-the-scenes look. Research and teaching institutions also confirm the effectiveness and high savings potential of our products. See for yourself.


User story: Full Steam Ahead with the St. Georg

The St. Georg was built in 1876. It’s the oldest steam ship still operating in Germany. It plies the waters of the Alster River in Hamburg, carrying 30,000 tourists each year with DEMKOR in its boiler.


User story: The Furnace Room of a North Sea Island

Nearly 1,500 people live on Helgoland, Germany’s only open sea island. Reliable heat is pumped into their homes and hotels with a sustainable product, DEMKOR.


DEMKOR — the evidence from McGill University

McGill University in Montréal, Canada has published a study on the protective layer formation and efficacy of tannin-based boiler water conditioning products.
The reliable heat provided to households and hotels is even sustainable, thanks to DEMKOR.


Savings potential — and real-world results

KORN successfully migrated a renowned manufacturer in the food and beverage industry from boilers running conventional phosphates/sulfites to the sustainable DEMKOR line and documented the results.