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KORN GmbH is an owner-managed, midsize family-run business located in Hamburg, Germany. Founder Erwin Korn laid the foundation for the company when he started his chemical business in 1932, focusing at a very early stage on organic and very ecological raw materials. We’ve kept the tradition alive to this day.

For over forty years, we have developed, produced and sold chemical products for the food and beverage industry, the service sector, industrial enterprises, and energy suppliers. Our philosophy is: as natural as possible with only as many chemicals as necessary.

Efficient water treatment

Today, KORN develops, produces, and markets high-performance conditioning products for efficient and ecological water treatment including highly concentrated and extremely efficient additives for boiler water, cooling water, and bottle cleaning applications as well as the accompanying system technology. We deliver quality — made in Hamburg, Germany.

Total water management

Through research & development, strong industrial partners, and personal service, we enable our customers to considerably reduce their annual energy, water, and chemical costs. Our tailored solutions enhance the productivity and longevity of industrial water systems while reducing failures and costly downtime — with economical and ecological products.

Information & Contact

We’re glad to answer any questions you may have or meet with you for a no-obligation consultation and calculation of your savings potential.


Our products and services

  • Water analysis and system evaluations

  • Customer-specific development projects

  • Efficient and ecological products

  • On-site service visits

  • 24/7 online monitoring

  • All from a single source

It adds up — to success

Ecological products don’t have to be more expensive than conventional solutions. In fact with KORN, the opposite is true — our perfect combination of efficiency and sustainability gives you a cost advantage. Our products are developed to deliver a superior value, not merely a cheaper price per kilogram. Calculate the total cost including water, chemicals, and energy, and you’ll see how our approach pays off.


Our product portfolio for your system efficiency

Our water treatment technologies and products allow boilers, chillers, and bottle cleaning systems to operate with far greater efficiency and stability. We offer innovative dispensing and control technologies to optimize product usage in addition to modern reverse osmosis and softening equipment to round out our portfolio.

Boiler water treatment

Natural boiler water treatment with DEMKOR
DEMKOR prevents deposits, limescale, and corrosion in steam boilers, minimizing failures and downtime.

DEMKOR is the only product on the boiler water treatment market that is 100% ecological, non-toxic, and manufactured from renewable raw materials. For fire-tube boilers, water tube boilers, and heat recovery steam generators.

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Cooling water treatment

Efficient cooling water treatment with FERROKORN
FERROKORN water treatment products reliably keep cooling water free of corrosion, deposits, and microbial contamination.

FERROKORN is a sustainable product based on organic materials. With the threshold effect, but contains no environmentally persistent complexing agents or problematic substances such as EDTA or NTA.
For cooling water, process water, and service water.

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Bottle cleaning

Hygienic bottle cleaning with VITROGLANZ
Our VITROGLANZ line provides a full range of products for cleaning returnable glass and PET bottles as well as beverage crates including caustic additives, detergents, rinsing agents, and sanitizers.

Thanks to these highly efficient additives, you get the same cleaning power at lower caustic solution temperatures. VITROGLANZ is the premiere cleaning system for the beverage industry.

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System technology

Innovative System technology and services from KORN
As a provider of integrated solutions, in addition to our efficient water additives we also offer automated dispensing technology and state-of-the-art water treatment systems.

Thanks to online monitoring and KORN eService, you can monitor your system anywhere, anytime. We are glad to prepare for you a technical proposal for sustainable water treatment.

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Maximum efficiency and unparalleled quality…

…that not only benefits our customers, but also conserves the natural resource water — that’s our goal. With world-class products and unmatched environmental compatibility based on extremely effective renewable and organic raw materials, we deliver outstanding value. We deliver quality — made in Hamburg, Germany. Fast. Reliable. Fair.

Up to 10% energy savings
Up to 20% lower feed water use
Up to 80% less blowdown

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